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“It’s like Top of the Pops!”. Exploring PHaR’s ‘favourite’ examples of Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA).

 As some of us PHaR members lean more towards the ‘earlier’ stage of our research careers, we considered how newcomers to IPA (and qualitative methods more broadly) could best get a sense of what distinguishes IPA from other methods of analysis. We thought it could be valuable to share our favourite examples of published IPA work: independent of research topic, research outputs that, for us, best ‘show off’ the method. Or to create the opportunity to talk about those papers we just really like . Rather than read each other’s selections beforehand, we met (16 th May 2024), each attendee bringing a paper (or papers) in mind and ready to share. We then briefly outlined what drew us to each paper, before wandering into related discussions and topics. Below, we have captured some of these reflections, alongside the papers that were chosen in a (roughly) thematised series of three collections:   Being not just doing: IPA as a method. Engward, H., & Goldspink, S. (2020). Lodger

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